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I was honored to give the keynote lecture at the 2014 AEC Technology Symposium in NYC a few weeks ago:


“BIM, computation, robotic fabrication, drones, mobile sensing and weak AI. Despite all the advances in design and construction technologies in the past 10 years, we remain a profession stuck designing and erecting buildings more suited to 20th century social experiences. Our data still becomes concrete; we have yet to come to grips with the dematerialization and new social models that emerge from a combined physical and digital “self”. It is time to transcend the viewpoints of the technician and the techno-aesthete, rescue our profession from rapidly approaching obsolescence, and look to redefine architecture as the modern field for environmental UX: Infrastructure as Platform.

As I noted at the lecture, the talk is in BETA. It is still an evolving entity, and I would greatly appreciate any comments in the thread below.

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