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speaking engagements

Interested in me speaking at your event?

I’d love to! I’ve spoken at numerous events over the past 15 years on a range of topics: Digital Design, BIM, Computational and environmental modeling, advanced visualization, Virtual Design & Construction, complex geometries in design and fabrication, advanced building technologies, VR/AR and game engines, technology-driven experiential design, digital culture

Examples of places I have spoken: AIA National Conference, AIA New York, Stanford CIFE, SIGGRAPH, ACADIA, Smartgeometry, BiLT, FestArch

Just be aware that I do have some conditions regarding speaking engagements.

The primary requirement is in regards to diversity and inclusion. If you are asking me to speak or participate in a panel, be ready for me to ask you about your approach to diversity and inclusion regarding event attendees and speakers. I strongly prefer speaking at events with gender (including non-binary) and ethnic diversity.

As a leader, I want to hear different voices in the conversation because it gives me new insights that I won’t get at more homogeneous events. Simply put, the conversations are much better when everyone doesn’t look like me!

I am also committed to the Male Champions of Change Panel Pledge, requiring diverse gender representation in panels I participate in: https://malechampionsofchange.com/commit-to-the-panel-pledge/

Lastly, I am happy to speak at non-profit events for no fee. However, I do not speak at for-profit events that do not cover most or all expenses for its speakers (not just me).

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